Succubus: noun.
a demon in the form of a woman; derives
power from the sexual energies of others 

age: 25

eyes: green

hair: brown // all-natural body


shoe: 8

pierced and tattooed

lover of couples


all types

Welcome to all of you finding yourselves here, looking for a light in the dark, or at least a little company in it xx

As a young succubus, I have energy and spark to spare, and I know exactly how to engage the body, mind and soul. I am flexible, sharp, and terribly good at playing nice... even if deep down I'm a little evil.


As an individual, I am playful, teasing, a bit cocky, empathetic and smart like a whip~ I appreciate people who can get on my level, in bed, intellectually, or in ways that are more difficult to describe in words. Though I am hard to fully know, and my fire burns quietly, I entice you to try. My soft peachy curves, friendly wit and open mind should make it a fun and stimulating attempt! Tell me what you have brewing, tell me all your heart longs for so I can bring it to you with my soft lips wrapped around it.

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